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Beautify Your Home With Baygon Motif Home Design Wall Reliefs – Baygon, you must have heard these words and surely know the shape of this Baygon, right?. Yes, objects that are usually used to repel mosquitoes, can now be used to beautify your home. Is that right? Come on! see the full review.

What is the Shape of the Baygon?

You are certainly no stranger to the word Baygon. Baygon or insect repellent which is usually used to kill mosquitoes. The shape resembles a circle that is stacked from large to small. The object that mosquitoes fear the most can now be enjoyed as a home decoration too, and not only as a home decoration, yes, not as a mosquito repellent either. Then, how to decorate a house with a Baygon shape, this?

What is the form of the relief of the Baygon Motif Home Design Wall?

The wall reliefs of the Baygon motif house design are designed with new forms of innovation by relief art craftsmen. This shape will resemble a flower in the shape of a baygon combined with leaves between the empty sides to complete the relief decoration to be more beautiful. By using Paras Jogja stone as the basic material, this relief is easier to shape and also has more attractive color choices. If you want the decoration to last longer, add varnish as a protective layer to prevent it from rotting over time.

Is It Good If Baygon Is Used As A Home Decoration?

With the new innovation motifs from these craftsmen, of course the decoration will attract the attention of many people who see it. This relief is very suitable to decorate your home, the shape is minimalist, but still looks elegant, as well as the combination of Baygon motifs surrounded by leaves, giving a more attractive impression on the relief. It is suitable when used as a wall decoration in the bedroom, bathroom or the wall in front of your house. Its unique shape will make everyone bewitched when they look at it.

So, don't hesitate, okay! Baygon motif home design wall reliefs are perfect for complementing the beauty of your home.

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