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Are natural stone carvings and motifs combined with the minimalist pillar concept? - Pillars do not only function as a support for the weight of a building. However, it can also be used as a decoration in your home. There are many choices of materials that can be applied, to create a minimalist pillar. These materials, such as concrete, wood, ceramics, and even natural stone.

Are natural stone carvings and motifs suitable for minimalist pillars?

Minimalist building is an architectural style that begins to reduce decorative elements and carvings. So, if we place natural stone carvings, won't it mess up the minimalist pillar concept?

The answer is no! 

It depends on how you design the house, what it looks like, what its needs are, and it can give meaning to the occupants of the house. Because, the minimalist concept actually doesn't just reduce the classic elements, but begins to follow human needs in modern times.

Carving is always developing, without reducing the meaning contained in each sculpture. Just an example of this discussion about minimalist pillars, so it will be formed that way.

The selection of materials from natural stone carving motifs for minimalist pillars is also adjusted.

The material used in making minimalist pillars is Paras Jogja stone. This stone has a smoother and softer texture, compared to other types of natural stone. Its soft nature is also favored by sculptors, because it is easy to form carvings.

The minimalist concept is also contained in Paras Jogja natural stone, because it is easy to shape (practical) and still contains meaning. So, you don't have to worry about the simplicity of the carvings made by the sculptors. Moreover, the color of the stone, which is white or cream, will strengthen the minimalist impression on the pillars.

Batu Paras Jogja can also reduce the heat of the sun, so the house is cooler. That is why the carving pattern used is a pattern of leaves, flowers and fruit, to describe it.

Apply a coat of paint to beautify the pillars and prevent the growth of moss.

Pillars are usually located on the outside of the building. Coating paint is needed to beautify and prevent the growth of moss on the natural stone material of Paras Jogja. Choose the type of matte or glossy coating, which will make minimalist pillars last longer.

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