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Knowing the Popularity of Lord Ganesha, Making His Balinese Statues, and Their Placement in the Context of Worshiping

Ganesha is a deity who has quite a high popularity. Many people around the world have become his devotees. Because it is believed to be a deterrent from all obstacles and a symbol of endless knowledge. So do not be surprised, if there are always paintings and statues of Lord Ganesha everywhere.

The island of Bali is the same.

We all know that Bali is an island where people adhere to a spiritual life. Every aspect of life, to inanimate objects can be interpreted properly, as a symbol of God's infinite omnipotence. Especially Lord Ganesha, whose statues or statutes always exist in holy places, educational institutions, homes, and every line of Balinese life, with such a strong philosophical meaning.

It also aroused the interest of artists on the Island of the Gods, to create a Balinese statue of Ganesha.

Not only interpreting the philosophical meaning of Lord Ganesha, artists in Bali also have a way to make offerings in the form of sacred works to Him. The characteristics of Balinese sculptures that will be included are, of course, leaves, flowers, and fruit, with their combined concave and convex curves, or in short, patra Samblung. You can see it in the picture, the sculpture is behind Lord Ganesha's back, which means offering or yajna.

The work of the Balinese Ganesha statue is not placed in any place and is ceremoniously performed, in the context of worship.

As a manifestation of God Almighty, Ganesha statues should not be placed haphazardly. This divinity aspect has actually been implemented in Bali, by placing it in thearea Maining Mandala. However, there are still some mistakes, by placing it in the yard of the house, and not even ceremonializing it, if the context is correct as a medium of worship. If there is no ceremony, even though offering offerings /offerings every day, the statue will only be a place forBhuta Kala.

However, if you make it as a display or decoration, there is no need for a ceremony. Enough, placing it in a rather high place, as a form of respect for the manifestation of God.

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