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Add Beauty to Your Home With Balinese House Wall Reliefs  

What does a typical Balinese house wall relief look like?

Many houses in Bali use wall reliefs as decoration on the front wall of the house, one of which is the front wall at the entrance. With decorations carved directly on the walls, usually these decorations are added around the entrance, to the front window of the house. So that the house looks more magnificent and beautiful. Most houses in Bali use wall reliefs to decorate their homes. 

Is this a good quality of wall relief?

The wall reliefs of this typical Balinese house are of good quality. Because the material is made from Paras Jogja natural stone, with a choice of attractive colors and a stone texture that is not too hard, making it easier to shape. Stone that is often used by carving craftsmen to make carvings both from simple and complex carvings. By adding a little varnish as a coating material, this wall relief will last longer.

What would happen if the typical Balinese house wall reliefs decorated the house?

Don't ask again, if the wall reliefs of a typical Balinese house decorate your home, it will certainly be very beautiful. With a magnificent shape and beautiful carvings, it will add to the aesthetics of the house. Not to mention the selection of colors on the relief material adds a plus to this wall relief. With the placement of reliefs on the front door of the house or the entrance to the living room, the impression of majesty and beauty will be more visible.

So, don't hesitate! Balinese house wall reliefs, ready to add to the beauty and splendor of your home. Let's let everyone see the splendor!


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